Kolemen Research Laboratory

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The Kolemen Lab located in the Department of Chemistry at Koc University, Istanbul. Research in the group lies in interdisciplinary approaches within the field of synthetic organic chemistry, chemical biology and bio-organic chemistry. Current research interests particularly focus on development of small-molecule based fluorescent probes for bio-imaging, design of activatable photosensitizers for photodynamic therapy as well as preparation of drug delivery and theranostic (therapy + diagnosis) systems.


May, 2020: Our group receives a grant from the TUBITAK 1001 Program for a duration of 2 years.

Apr, 2020: Our New J. Chem. paper was highlighted in the front cover.

Mar, 2020: Sultan’s paper appeared in New Journal of Chemistry. The work was done in collaboration with the Metin lab.

Feb, 2020: Our ChemMedChem paper was selected to Special Collection featuring Cancer Research.

Dec, 2019: Eda Kılıç joined to our group as a master student.

Nov, 2019: Our ChemMedChem paper was highlighted in the front cover.

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